Web Design

We build beautiful, functional and fully responsive websites.


Logo Design

If you’re just getting started you’ll need some help with your brand.


Choosing the right person

It matters. We are careful pedantic individuals who actually care.


Ongoing Support

It’s all included in your hosting charges. Make changes anytime.


Our Web Design Process

We want to make it as easy and fun a process as possible. We figure the more you know what to expect, the simpler it will be. Click on each of the 4 steps below to see a basic outlne of the process of web design and build.  We love our jobs and we think it shows in the results.




Final Design



This is the fun bit where we get to sit down and discuss your dreams and ideas. It’s also the time for us to get an idea of the scope of your project so that we can work through a detailed quote.

All our websites are modular in a sense so this means you can add and subtract various features and functionality as your budget allows.

All you need is enthusiasm and some good energy and the ideas flow!



A wireframe is basically a map to your website. Think of it like an architectural blueprint; you need to see it in two-dimensional black and white diagrams before you understand how to build the actual house. Similarly for a screen design, a wireframe will help to determine where the information is going to go.

This is an optional tool to help plan the layout and interaction of an interface without being distracted by colors, fonts or even content.



At this stage you will have completed a design brief and discussed sites you do and don’t like and why. Imagery is a huge component of any beautiful website but don’t worry if you’re just getting started or you don’t have pics, we have an extensive stock imagery library at our fingertips to help.

Logos and branding colours can also provide great inspiration for the design phase – we can help with logo creation too!


And Done!

Once you’ve approved the design and we’ve added all the final touches your website will be ready to go live. Plenty of testing happens using a wide range of browsers and devices and ta dah we hit the big green button and your site goes live.

But we don’t ditch you now. All our hosting plans include ongoing support including security updates and content changes so you don’t have to worry your website will be out of date. We’ve got you.

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